Re stumping: The symptoms and solution

Every house needs a strong foundation to stand on. It can happen that the soil might be weak or become weak over a period. This could be due to heavy rains, flooding, or even other external reasons such as rampant construction in the nearby areas, etc.

In the event of the foundation becoming weak, there is every chance that the house might just collapse. Should we allow it to happen? Of course, your answer should be in the negative. In that case, what is the solution available at your disposal?

Before going into the actual solution, we shall look at the signs that can warrant taking such a solution.

Usually, you see four symptoms. They are as follows.

  • Cracks on the internal walls
  • Uneven floors
  • External cracks on the side walls
  • Frequent misalignment of the doors and windows

These four symptoms suggest that the flooring is not even. This translates into a weak foundation. The solution lies in restumping or re-blocking the house. DJ BAKER & SON offers restumping Melbourne at affordable rates.

The process involves a thorough investigation about the reasons for the damage to the foundation. It could be because of decay of the soil or the timber foundation. It could also be because of termites.

On ascertaining the main reasons behind the damage, the engineer takes a call on either replacing the stump with a new one or by just repairing it with some reinforcements. The restumping or the reblocking involves replacing the damaged stumps with either wooden stumps or concrete blocks.


In today’s times, they prefer concrete blocks because of the higher level of stability. The concrete blocks can last longer by being water-resistant and termite proof. The purists, though, prefer to have the natural wooden blocks to maintain the heritage level.

Anyway, the process involves jacking up the entire house along with its foundation using special machinery. On doing, so, the engineers remove the diseased stumps and replace it with fresh ones. It can happen that you might have to replace the entire set of existing stumps. It could also warrant replacing a few stumps and reinforcing the others. The engineer makes the decision after doing the thorough examination.

Once he completes the process, they place the house back on the new foundations. This is precision technology requiring high levels of skill. On replacing the stumps, the foundation gets a renewed life of at least another 60 to 70 years easily. This is the main benefit of restumping or reblocking.

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